They launched a real rocket into a real OSX background

By Rob Horan

Every now and again there’s a real world ‘sci-fi’ style video on Youtube that looks so surreal, its hard to believe it is actually real.

Last year and the year before there were those of the ISS orbiting the earth in time-lapse, and animated real-world data like the video of air traffic over Europe.

For me, so far in 2015, its these videos. They show atmospheric rocket experiments in the aurora borealis in the sky above Alaska and they’re just incredible (if you like that sort of thing).

At first I thought they were animation, they’re not. It’s a group of scientists with 4K video cameras in the freezing cold.

I’ve always thought that because of the lack of scale, watching aurora videos doesn’t give a sense of the real sky. These rocket launches give a context like no other.

Let’s hope they don’t open a worm hole.

Watch THEM (full screen on retina or 4K if you can)

Other visual stimulus I’ve referenced

NATS European Airspace 24 hour animation

ISS Orbit Timelapse

NATS Air Traffic Control over the UK animation

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