6 reasons snow is Agile

By Rob Horan

Yipeee, we’ve finally had a sprinkle of the white stuff in London. Which gives me a great opportunity to author some snow-themed, slightly humorous, click bait that relates to Agile!

Here are 6 very valid reasons that snow is Agile.

1. It’s cross functional.
It might be snow today, but it could be slush tomorrow, sleet the day after that. That’s talent.

2. It’s great at creating backlogs.
Especially with traffic or public transport.

3. It’s disruptive.
It can force change on a wide range of areas, mainly schools and airports.

4. It affects velocity.
It’s anti-frictional properties can have you and your team moving quickly. All be it mostly down slopes. In the Alps.

5. It’s great for mobile.
In fact there are actual machines for this, called Snowmobiles.

6. IT TAKES real grit…
TO MAKE PROGRESS, It’s easy for the wrong people to slip up.


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