Scrumify has Launched: Now We Need Your Help

Scrumify is a magazine for all things agile. It has news, opinion, interviews and aggregated posts sourced from all over the web. Everything here should be of interest to people working with scrum and Scrumify is looking for those same people to help publish content.

Why become a Scrumify Publisher?

Scrumify can be a great place to help build a profile for yourself, or awareness of a product, your opinion or some ideas you may have to help others within the community.

What’s different about Scrumify?

Scrumify is a simple to consume, blog style ‘magazine’ for people that work with Scrum, predominantly in the UK. Our UI is very simple, with the focus being on a small number of quality articles written or aggregated from other sources online.

Our key difference is that we are open to publishing content from you, and providing a platform for your opinion and ideas to be shared.

Can I write something and have it published on Scrumify?

If you have an opinion, some knowledge to share or generally any coherent text that we deem appropriate – then yes!

How does publishing on Scrumify work?

You write an article, or send us a link to your existing blog/online post. Maybe short and sweet or long and boring – send it to Scrumify. We read it and if it meets our random guidelines then up it goes. It’s dead easy.

When we say random guidelines, we mean our definition of common-sense appropriateness combined with a vague view of what Scrumify is trying to be about. Ultimately we need well written articles and content in English that will be of interest to people that work with Scrum – if we deem it does – you’re in and the article will be published. We are not looking for blatant advertising, so if you are selling yourself, at least do it in a contextual and subtle way.

What if as the original poster I’m not happy with something and want my content removed?

Yes, we’ll remove it, unless there’s some weird reason we can’t.

Can people comment on stuff?

Yes, comments are open and unless there’s some kind of unpleasantness, then comments stay. Again, its pretty much as we deem appropriate.

Who is Scrumify looking for to write posts?

We’d really like content from Developers, Testers, Scrum Masters, Coaches, Product Managers, Product Owners, Visual Designers, UX experts, Digital Creatives and essentially anyone else that works with or around Scrum at any level (interns to CEOs). We’re obviously really interested in all the other methodologies out there, so the door is wide open to posts about Lean, Kanban and so on.

Ok – all sounds mostly ok – I’ll give it a go – how do I do it?

Just email us a simple bio and your first article, we’ll contact you to say hello and go from there!




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